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Funmoods software promotes safety online, one Safemood clip at a time

As you know, Funmoods is a fun and interactive application enjoyed across many different internet platforms including: social networks, web-based emails, chats, forums and blogs. Over the years, Funmoods has grown into a popular and loved software enjoyed by people of all ages. As the Funmoods family has grown, so has the number of young users actively using our software online.

We realize that the internet can be a fun and exciting place, but for young and impressionable users it can also be dangerous. Since we proudly offer a safe web tool for so many young users to enjoy, we thought, Why not create a place where we can share simple “tips and tricks” for staying safe in the online environment? So that’s what we did!

Funmoods creates Safemoods to promote internet safety
Responsible and safe online usage is serious business, but learning about it can be fun! Because we wanted to engage a young audience, our goal was to pick important and serious messages and deliver them in a lighthearted and memorable way, so that kids understand why internet responsibility within any online tool is important, and how they can exercise good judgment to keep themselves safe, online and offline.

Using some of Facemoods most beloved characters, we created a number of video clips to educate young internet users about the potential dangers and consequences of the online environment.

Simple safety tricks, delivered by Little Red Riding Mood & Friends
Safemoods by the Funmoods team, includes a number of short and colorful videos that present real potential online scenarios that kids deal with on a day-to-day basis, (like confirming connections with strangers on Facebook or restricting public access to personal photographs and information, also a common concern in the Facebook platform).

In addition to explaining why online privacy is important and what kids can do to protect it, Safemoods also explores the issue of online bullying and bullying in general, giving kids the software solutions they need to proactively protect themselves in the online environment.

Another invaluable lesson offered to kids through Safemoods: be yourself! With online social networks, many kids may be tempted to pretend they’re someone else, which can ultimately lead to confusion or worse. Safemoods communicates the simple message that honesty is really the best policy.

Pssssst!! Safety first: spread the word!
Funmoods’ #1 priority is safety for all, young and old, and Safemoods is a testament to that. Young kids make up a good portion of our user-base and Safemoods has been our opportunity to provide them, and kids everywhere, with important information about online safety and privacy. At home or in the classroom, parents or teachers can use Safemoods as educational materials and as a basis for further discussion. We’ve also partnered with a number of organizations, including iKeepSafe, ConnectSafely, to spread the message to as many kids as possible.

For Funmoods software, creating Safemoods has been a labor of love, expressing our dedication to all those young online users out there, just learning the ropes within the internet jungle.

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